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Since 2003

About Us

Panda Books Australia have confidence in all our publications and treat each as a success. We find innovation and excitement in publishing at a time when many publishers are becoming risk averse, concerned that the lure of indie-publishing gives writers more control, despite the risk of authors' obscurity through dilution. In comparison, we wish to give new authors the best start possible in this constantly evolving environment, while providing established authors with the same burgeoning opportunities. Besides the traditional employment of AIs, print adverts, press releases and interviews, we complement these with sophisticated exploitation of social media, blogging, global reading groups, genre casting and book trailers. We're particularly interested in writers who have an entrepreneurial approach to engaging these innovative tools. Many writers are becoming talented producers, their books centerpiece to a range of supporting media including music, artwork, audio and visual mediums, often collaborating with other artists in a global web of creative innovation.

The Team

Ronald W. Randolph


Ronald became Editor-in-Chief of the Adult Trade division in 1993 until the acquisition of the company in February of 2000 by The McEvoy Group, when he established Panda Books Australia (PBA) in 2003 as an Australian imprint of the company. He previously worked in the Business Affairs offices of Wescom Productions and the William Morris Agency. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the University of California's Hasting's College of the Law.

Sandy Hale

Acquisitions Editor

Sandy has been involved in the industry at an executive level since February 2001. She was the Executive Director of Arts Funding at the Australia Council for the Arts for nine years. She headed the Books Alive staff for the first three campaigns and was a member of both the Contemporary Visual Arts and Craft Inquiry and the Cultural Ministers Council Small to Medium Performing Arts Examination. She has been with PBA for 9 years. 

Rene L. Williams

Editorial Assistant

In 1994, Rene became Executive Editor in the Adult Trade Division and worked alongside Ronald. She has twenty years' experience in publishing in the US and her native UK, where she started as a secretary at Chatto & Windus/The Hogarth Press, quickly becoming deputy managing director, as well as publisher of The Hogarth Press. Since moving to the US, she's been a book packager, managed a computer publishing company, and worked at Ten Speed Press before joining PBA, where she's been Editorial Assistant since 2004.

Brittany Knox

Publicity and Marketing Assistant

Brittany is a publicist with more than 20 years experience working with news media to promote community events. She has worked with publishers ranging from Universal Press, Michelin and Berlitz to independent fiction publishers. She has been a consultant for Scholastic Australia to support book launches for well-known children’s authors such as Mem Fox, Jackie French, Craig Smith, Maggie Stiefvater and Emily Rhodda. 

Stuart M. Maynard

Artistic Director

In 2009, Stuart was appointed Artistic Director at PBA after five years working with Landor Associates in their Sydney offices. He attended the Paier College of Art, and received his M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He has taught design at Melbourne College of Arts and Crafts, has been a guest speaker at the Stanford Professional Publishing Program.

Sheri Roman

Sales Representative

Before becoming Sales Representative for Panda Books Australia, Sheri worked as a retail bookseller for five years. At the time, PBA was comprised of five employees and released 8 titles per year. As PBA grew, so did Roman's role and influence; she's served the company in a number of positions, including managerial. She now oversees sales of nearly 100 titles a year and has a backlist of more than one thousand titles.